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Dear all VNQGROUP’s partners and clients,

VNQGROUP is proud to be a specialized unit exclusively manufacturing and processing footwear for many domestic and international pretigious brands. With our many years of experience in the industry, we commit to provide our clients with:

  • The most reliable and quality products in the market
  • Professional services
  • Good price
  • High discount retailing policies
  • And many other attractive deals…


With our goodwill to cooperate to co-develop, we always endeavor to bring Vina Shoes Company particularly and Vietnam branded shoes generally closer to consumers.

Special thanks!





With the extreme aspiration, determination and spirit of unceasing innovation of a strong team and the strategic vision of the leader, VNQGROUP strives to grow into a prestigious multi-branch investment company in Vietnam and in the region with world-class status, demonstrating our intellectual enormity and being a pride of Vietnam in 2025.



  • To invest and provide products and services that enable Vietnam's industry to become more involved in the global value chain.
  • To always innovate, create, accompany together to grow and share benefits.
  • To connect corporate responsibility with the community, society and always bring trust, peace of mind to our customers, partners and employees.