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Trách Nhiệm Xã Hội



Aware of the company’s role in a mutual community, over the past years, VNQGROUP has been actively taken part in a lot of social activities such as: building charity schools in some rural areas, providing accommodation for workers, poor families, offering scholarships for poor diligent students. VNQGROUP often holds annual sports, entertainment, healthcare and training events in order to boost the mental health of employees and enable learning and developing opportunities. Besides, the company also organizes talks, exchanges between Boards of Managers and employees to tighten the close relationship.





Vietnam export footwear plants- HIGH QUALITY VIETNAM EXPORT FOOTWEAR INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION—Specilizing in producing and exporting Vietnam footwear in large scale

During our 25-year operation, the field of shoes producing of VNQ has gained a lot of achievemnet thanks to large scale production capacity as well as reliable product quality.